About Foreal Australian Shepherds
I bought my first aussie in 2002.  My second aussie came at the same time littermates Ritz and Faith (Thank you Julie Williams for both these great dogs).  Ritz has been a dream dog as well as a great producer.  She is the foundation bitch for my kennel.  I am a small kennel.  I have 3 dogs that live with me.  All the rest are owned by or co owned with friends and family where they live as well loved pets.  My goal is to produce quality aussies with great temperaments that can do it all.   

I believe that dogs are pets first - competitors second.  
I take pride that my aussies are smart, loyal, athletic, playful, and versatile.  They live "normal" lives with their new families and friends.
The competition arena is for fun and a way to bond with the dogs.  It mentally stimulates them.   I have been focusing on conformation for the last few years, but have now branched out into herding and agility.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

I am currently taking a break from competition and enjoying my dogs as couch potatoes and companions.  
Merlin winners dog all 4 shows and 2 best op.
Faith winners bitch all 4 shows

Faith and Merlin
Photo Credits Thomas Photography
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Jurett's Ewes on Ewe "Ethan" 
at 2006 Aussie nationals laying on shoe
& Jurett's Flirting with Trouble "Flirt"
We turned our play area into a mud pit!
Panda and Flirts favorite thing to do right before a show.......  We need our bath now.....  
Above is Flirt, Ethan, and Panda after the bath
Photo credit Thomas Photography